"QRV" is a term used in Amateur Radio.  It means "Are you ready" or "Yes, I am ready".  We use this term in the naming of this company to describe the need to be ready for emergency situations.


Our products also include electronic kits that are fun and easy to build.  These kits can be used for Science Fair projects, Boy Scout Merit Badges and general electronic fun.  More products will be added as they become available.


Most of our products are from sources outside of the US. The Amateur equipment has origins from China. Some of the components are made in the US where possible. According to the defination of "Made In" if you build the kit in the US, it is "Made in USA".


If you have questions about our products or would like us to suggest an item, please contact us.

CRK10A CW Transceiver CRK10A CW Transceiver

Puxing PX973

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