Download Software and description files

Latest CRK-10A Kit Manual:    CRK-10A Manual Rev A 

Sandwich VFO Manual:              
KN-Q7A_Sandwich_VFO Instruction Manual 

Sandwich VFO Programming Suggestions:              
Sandwich_VFO Programming Instruction Manual 

Additional Information on Sandwich_VFO 

Sandwich Arduino Software for KN-Q7A version:       
Sandwich_VFO 20 Meter 

Sandwich_VFO 40 Meter 

Sandwich_VFO 80 Meter 

Sandwich Arduino Software for CS-Series version:       
Sandwich_VFO 20 Meter 

Sandwich_VFO 40 Meter 

CS-Series Manuals:              

CS Series Assembly Manual:        CS Series Instruction Manual

CS Series Quick Guide:                 Quick Guide

CS Series Parts List:                      Parts List

CS USA Version:                            USA Version Information

Sandwich VFO:                              Sandwich VFO Instruction Manual

Older Manuals:              

Latest KN-Q7A Kit Manual:                   KN-Q7A Manual Rev D, 4 March 2014 

Supplemental Manual:                           KN-Q7A Supplemental Manual 

KN-Q7A Frequency Options:               KN-Q7A Frequency

KN-Q7A US modification:                      KN-Q7A_USA_version

KN-Q7A Block Diagram:                        KN-Q7A Block Diagram

KN-Q7A and CS Series Template:         CS and KN-Q7A US Drill Template

KN-Q7A 20 Meter Schematic:               20 Meter KN-Q7A schematic

KN-Q7A 40 Meter Schematic:               40 Meter KN-Q7A_schematic

KN-Q7A 80 Meter Schematic:               80 Meter KN-Q7A_schematic

KN-Q7A Parts List:                                KN-Q7A Parts List

KN-Q7A PCB View:                                KN-Q7A_PCB_Transceiver

KN-Q7A Quick Guide:                           KN-QA Quick Guide

KN-Q7A_20Meter PCB Modification View:  KN-Q7A_20 Meter Modification

KN-Q7A_20Meter Quick Guide:                 KN-Q7A_20 Meter Quick Guide